Coaching for Justice is a multi-racial and multi-generational group of certified professional coaches who have come together to increase access to high-quality coaching for social change leaders and non-profit staff. In addition, we bridge coaching principles with social justice theories of change. Collectively, we have decades of experience working with social justice organizations as well as robust coaching skills.

 What if you could:

  • Connect your life’s purpose with your work?
  • Honor your passion for social justice without neglecting yourself and your family?
  • Converse honestly and constructively about what is and isn't working?
  • Address racial dynamics, internalized oppression, power and other "unspeakables" in meaningful, effective conversation?  

Coaching for Justice works with passionate, self-reflective people ready to transform themselves so they can better transform the world.

Want to learn more about coaching and it's benefits to you and your organization? Read our FAQ page.

Coaching for Justice understands the challenges facing our movements and brings decades of experience to our practice. 

Some issues we address are:

  • Replacing stale strategies with curiosity, creativity and new approaches.
  • Transforming a culture of martyrdom and burnout into a more conscious culture driven by values, trust and care.
  • Developing communication that is honest, accountable and compassionate to supplant the harsh, judgmental, and haphazard styles that often exist.
  • Making self care a fundamental part of organizational and social change culture.