What people are saying about out work

"The best way to describe my experience with my coach is awakening. She is incredibly intuitive and is able to draw links between my previous experience and deepest values in order to help me vision my future. She also has great tools for getting me to press pause on my constantly spinning, analytic brain and for tapping into my own intuition.”

"I started working with my coach during a period of tremendous change in my life, when I was faced with the need to make many critical choices. Through her process, she helped guide me to significant insights that helped me understand what was most important to me, giving me the tools to evaluate these huge, family-impacting decisions and eventually make choices that felt right and true. "

"Recently I found myself in a transition. I was moving into a position of public leadership, and I wanted to make sure that as I made this transition I was operating from core values. What I learned through the coaching process was and is invaluable. I did not expect the rewards I have seen both personally and professionally. To date, I have found myself deeper in my intentions, living a life I want and need, and connected to values-based decision-making which makes living the life I want and need possible." 

"Although I started off as a skeptic, I now look forward to each coaching session as a rare opportunity to re-center and reconnect with my purpose. My coach helps me create a constructive space – so hard to find in movement building work – to think clearly about my challenges and develop practical solutions."

"Coaching has helped me to be a better observer of my true self. Your guidance gently challenged me to shine the light on myself until self-appreciation could no longer be denied. With this expanded awareness you have encouraged me to align my intentions with deeply held values. This subtle yet powerful shift has brought me to a place of contentment. Thank you! " 

"Baby steps are good, but I’m the kind of person who is always looking for quantum leaps in transformation. This led me to working with my coach and I’m so happy. She is warm and compassionate which makes it easy and safe for me to make myself vulnerable with her. She is an amazing listener – truly present and thoughtful. What is remarkable is that she has this innate sense of knowing what I need in the moment – validation, shared friendly laughter, asking a paradigm shifting question, you name it." 

"My coach has a rare talent for helping professionals to skillfully tackle new challenges in life and work. The coach's professionalism was matched by their empathy, and they offered very useful tools that enabled me to tackle profound problems with a fresh perspective. With my coach you know you're getting the insight of someone who is really engaging with your specific situation."