Coaching for Justiceprovides essential support for social change leaders and activists that can help avoid burnout and offer powerful strategies for sustainability. We are committed to making coaching accessible and culturally relevant for leaders and other individuals working across a broad range of communities.

What you can expect from coaching:

  • Clarify how your personal vision intersects with your organization’s mission.
  • Address anxiety, perfectionism and self- criticism in order to more fully accept yourself, increase your energy and feel calmer.
  • Transform limiting messages (often regarding race, class, gender, sexuality) into empowering beliefs.
  • Dare to dream and take actions in pursuit of that dream.

Coaching for Justice offers a custom packages to meet the needs of your organization and produce the results you want. Your work may include:

  • One-on-one coaching: Our coaches specialize in coaching traditional and non-traditional organizational and community leaders, emerging leaders, mid-level managers and front line staff who are people of color, women, LBGTQ, and others who grapple with institutional bias.  Several of our coaches are bilingual and can coach in Spanish.

  • Team and Group coaching: Many of the coaching tools and strategies we use are appropriate for groups, particularly groups seeking to build greater trust, to confront a problem with increased levels of creativity, to overcome conflict, or to deepen the level of engagement of participants.

  • Organization development and strategic planning:  We provide organizational development expertise, naturally identifying opportunities to integrate coaching with strategic planning, professional development, evaluation, and other organizational change efforts.
  • Content Coaching:  

    In addition to our coaching focus and expertise described above, we also provide content coaching in areas such as fund-raising, community organizing, board governance, program management, public health, and arts administration.

  • Introductory workshops: We offer workshops on the principles and practices of coaching to integrate a coaching approach into an organization, department or team.

  • Peer coaching and training: We teach a specific method  for colleagues and peers to coach each other on performance goals.