Coaching for Justice offers the opportunity to connect with coaches who share your values and experience, understand what motivates you as well as the struggles and challenges you encounter.   Our coaching is grounded in a set of principles and practices that have a significant connection to social justice work.  We help indviduals and teams explore different perspectives and open up to other ways of seeing the world – resulting in deeper alliances, more powerful advocacy, and workplace teams that are more harmonious and creative.  And we do visioning work that re-energizes activists and helps build a strong foundation for their work.


"I am daring my inner critic to take an early retirement, starting today."  

Rebecca Aced-Molina, MA, CPC 

Rebecca has for seventeen years, worked within and outside of public systems and community organizations in pursuit of truly equitable health and well-being. She continues this work as an evaluator in public health, helping leaders focus on results, creative uses of data, and policy change. Her coaching by contrast, attends to the much needed and often forgotten personal realm. Focusing inward allows leaders’ work to flow naturally from their values, to show up as their authentic self, and attend to real needs inside and outside of work.

Rebecca often coaches women who seek more balance between their professional, political, and personal lives. As a mother of two (9 and 6) Rebecca empathizes with the pressures surrounding working moms, especially those in the field of social change, and revels in supporting women to relax into self acceptance. Rebecca is bilingual in Spanish and English.

"I am daring to take risks on a bigger stage, in the public eye, and in ways that make stumbling and failing just another part of the dare."

Nisha Anand, CPC 

Nisha is an Indian-American fundraiser, trainer, and activist with fifteen years of experience in social justice movements throughout the US. She currently works as a consultant and coach specializing in small community-based organizations and organizations based in communities of color. Nisha is a fundraising mentor and trainer with GIFT (Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training) and a direct action trainer for The Ruckus Society. She also sits on the board of directors for San Francisco Women Against Rape and The Catalyst Project, a national anti-racist training organization.

Nisha has worked with many clients as both a life coach and leadership coach. She believes that when we are deeply connected and committed to our values and vision, our work will be more powerful and our lives more meaningful. Her ideal clients are social justice organizers, activists, and artists ready to make big changes in their lives and their work. In addition, she is a pioneer in the field of “fundraising coaching,” a unique blend of coaching people through their issues around money and their ability to fundraise, while providing high-quality fundraising tools and consulting services when needed. Nisha is also a mother of two, PTA President, and both plays and coaches soccer.

"I am daring to combine materialism and metaphysics in the service of movement building."  

Damon Azali-Rojas, CPC

Damon has over fifteen years of experience in social and racial justice movements. He is a former public high-school teacher, grassroots organizer, and elementary school bus driver. In addition to coaching, Damon supports nonprofit organizations seeking to end domestic violence, expand rights for boys and men of color, as well as supporting disaster preparedness in working class communities of color. Damon radiates with delight about working with movement organizers, spiritual leaders, immigrant rights lawyers, writers of Black-thought, anti-domestic violence advocates, and non-profit leaders. 

Initiated in the Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa, Damon draws on Ifa’s teachings about character, compassion, and purpose in his coaching work. His coaching is a stylistic mix of John Coltrane, Fela Kuti, and Esperanza Spalding. After living several years in San Francisco and Oakland he is back in his native South Los Angeles where he lives with his partner and five-year-old son, Maceo.

"I am daring to be more light hearted and to go boogie boarding as often as I can (with a wetsuit)." 

Amanda Berger, CPC 

Amanda brings twenty-five years of social justice experience to her coaching practice. Amanda has an extensive background in progressive philanthropy and transformational leadership development through her work with the Funders Collaborative for Youth Organizing, the Women Donors’ Network, Rockwood Leadership Institute and Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER). She is passionate about working with women leaders who want to step into fuller leadership roles while staying connected to their values and what’s most important in their lives. Deeply attuned to trust and safety, Amanda works with clients to explore their greatest hopes and fears with an eye toward “what’s possible” and creating new habits and ways of being. 

Amanda brings practical experience, direct communication, compassion and accountability to her coaching sessions. In addition to her coaching practice, Amanda consults with foundations and social change organizations interested in fostering collaboration, learning communities, networks and policy change. She is a volunteer on a project to expand partnerships between colleges and incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people in CA. Amanda is an affiliated coach with RoadMap, Rockwood Leadership Institute and a co-founder of Amanda lives in the Bay Area, has two daughters and a “cat-dog” named Zuma.

"I am daring to learn Spanish so I can join in the lively banter and laughter when visiting my husband's family in Puerto Rico."

Viveka Chen, CPC

Viveka is committed to partnering with people purposefully creating transformative change. For over twenty years she has worked for social justice with people across a spectrum of cultures, communities, movements and sectors. Viveka is also a Buddhist meditation teacher with an open and compassionate presence and deep respect for the people she works with. Her coaching supports clients to access their awareness and creative energy to set in motion breakthroughs and new possibilities. She brings an improvisational style to walk side-by-side with people daring their first steps into the messy unknown.

Viveka specializes in leading through change and conflict, leadership transitions, visioning, fostering learning communities, and designing and implementing leadership development and capacity building initiatives. Her work is rooted in her development and experience as a young woman of color nonprofit executive leader. She is affiliated with RoadMap, CompassPoint, and Movement Strategy Center as a consultant and coach.

"I am daring to write every day." 

Maritza Penagos, MSW, CPC 

Maritza has always been drawn to the rebels, artists, healers, leaders and strategic thinkers (and do-ers) on issues of race, culture, health, resilience, and justice. This fascination, coupled with 20-years work experience in nonprofits, have shaped her coaching style and turned her into the spunky little thing she is today. Maritza has been a social worker, community planner, and a health clinic administrator with a focus on HIV, trauma-informed care, and mental health/substance abuse. She has a deep affinity for coaching mid-level managers, emerging leaders and front-line staff working in nonprofits and the public health sector. She has a witty, practical and direct coaching style that creates a safe and exciting space for individuals to realize their personal and professional ambitions. Maritza is first generation Colombian-American, so she speaks Spanish but dreams and swears in English.

“I am daring to find a way to help other white folks transform our ‘white guilt’ into personal responsibility and positive action.” 

Dewey Schott, CPCC, PCC 

Dewey coaches individuals who are committed to transformational social change. People who have witnessed suffering, oppression, and injustice but have the guts and the mettle not only to heal themselves, but to heal the world. He considers himself part punk, part mystic, and part organizational development nerd. He has over eighteen years of experience working in the social and cultural sectors specializing in capacity building and leadership development. Dewey is particularly interested in supporting LGBTQ leaders. 

In addition to teaching and coaching individual clients, he facilitates NAMAC Leadership Institute, New York Foundation for the Arts's Emerging Leaders Boot Camp, and is on faculty with Leadership That Works, a coach-training organization. Dewey lives in Oakland, CA with his partner Alan and his 12-year-old daughter.


Kim Fowler, CPCC, PCC, ORSC is a certified coach, trainer, and facilitator, and is on faculty at The Coaches Training Institute and Leadership That Works. Kim helps executives, managers, partnerships and teams clarify their vision and move into values-based action toward higher effectiveness, productivity and enjoyment of their work.She uses a systems approach with teams, coaching the team‘s relationship to elicit knowledge from all its members and access the team’s highest functioning. Kim’s experience as a government funder, nonprofit executive director and board chair, and academic program and development coordinator infuse her executive and management coaching. Professional affiliations include Prism, coaches aligned around culturally aware coaching; C2Arts, coaches and consultants to arts organizations; and the International Coach Federation. 

Elissa Perry helps people and groups with a social justice mission be better at what they do.  For over 15 years she has worked as a staff member, consultant and coach with several individuals, organizations and initiatives in the areas of leadership, education and the arts. Elissa teaches in the Masters in Leadership Program at Saint Mary’s College where she facilitates diverse, cross-sector and multi-issue learning communities in developing and implementing leadership plans and practices. Elissa has also been involved in innovative initiatives to improve education and was a Vice President for the Different Ways of Knowing arts-infused educational model. She is an accredited Values & Leadership coach and enjoys working with teams and individuals bringing coaching into the lives of people and organizations in multiple ways.

Belma González, CPCC, PCC has been providing assets-based, culturally aware coaching to nonprofit leaders since 2004.  She works with diverse, multi-generational clients on leadership enhancement, change management, work/life transitions, balance, and fulfillment. Belma works with a variety of leadership development programs, all with the goal of strengthening and supporting leaders in the nonprofit sector. Belma partners with Leadership That Works (LTW), a national coach training organization, as a faculty member. With LTW she is co-leading the first-ever ICF accredited certification training oriented to the nonprofit sector, Coaching For Transformation-Bay Area. She is a co-founder of Prism Coaching, a group of coaches of color, and is a member of RoadMAP, a national network of organizational consultants who work with social justice organizations.  

Nancy Smyth, CPC came to coaching after working as a lawyer and organizer for social justice for thirty years where she focused on the rights of workers, immigrants, and the formerly incarcerated.. She has worked during the last five years with economic justice activists across the country to build strong leadership and effective and sustainable organizations. Nancy’s coaching is compassionate, honest and energetic. She sees coaching as a powerful tool for personal growth that enables us to build a mighty social justice movement. Nancy believes we are all capable of great love and courage and works with her clients to tap into their power and realize their dreams. Nancy lives in Los Angeles and speaks English and Spanish.